Pink Bear Pavilion: Innovation and Creativity in ephemeral sculpture with parametric design

If you are in Hamburg, don't miss the opportunity to visit The Pink Bear Pavilion and experience first-hand the magic of this project. Art project with parametric design in which EXarchitects has collaborated.

At EXarchitects, we are always looking to take creativity and innovation to the next level. Today, we are pleased to share one of our most exciting and unique projects: The Pink Bear Pavilion. This collaboration, realized together with NAGAMI DESIGN and CH20 for the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), has been an enriching and fun experience, resulting in a truly unique architectural piece.

Parametric Design at The Pink Bear Pavilion

The Pink Bear Pavilion is a four-metre high parametric design and ephemeral architecture work in the shape of the head of the character created by artist Paul Robinson, also known as LUAP. Through his character “The Pink Bear”, Robinson invites us to reflect on nature and the urgent need for action to prevent climate change.

The project started with a six-centimetre plasticine model, a recreation of the bear suit that the artist wears in his photographic and pictorial works. The team achieved something unique: a structure assembled from 3D printed panels around a plywood substructure. The four-metre-high head juts out of the soft Hamburg grass, as if it were buried up to its neck.

Parametric Design Features

Parametric design makes it possible to create volumes from flat sections. The main advantages of parametric surfaces are their visual appeal and originality, as well as their ease and simplicity of assembly.

At EXarchitects, we are used to working with complex geometries and innovative projects, but The Pink Bear Pavilion allowed us to explore new frontiers of design and construction with parametric timber.

Design and Fabrication Challenge

We took on the challenge set by Nagami Design to design and manufacture a structural system capable of supporting the 2500kg of recycled plastic that their team would use through a large format robotic 3D printing process. This project once again demonstrated the ability of technology to transform creative vision into tangible reality.

The wooden structure developed not only had to be robust and functional, but also integrate perfectly with the organic and dynamic shape of the teddy bear. This project has been a testament to our commitment to excellence and the ability to overcome the most unexpected challenges.

Exhibition at the Altonale Festival in Hamburg

The sculpture was exhibited at the 2024 edition of the prestigious Altonale Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Inside the bear’s head, the pavilion served as a dynamic canvas to showcase the works of LUAP and students from the European University of Applied Sciences. These projects reflected the spirit of the Pink Bear, which emphasises inclusion, diversity and the celebration of human bonds. Visitors encountered artworks that promoted mental wellbeing, environmental awareness and interpersonal relationships.

A Space for Connection and Reflection

The Pink Bear Pavilion was not just an art installation, but a communal space where people could connect, reflect and celebrate diversity. Initially conceived as a personal sanctuary, LUAP’s creation evolved into a universal symbol of comfort and inclusion that resonated with all who entered it.


The Pink Bear Pavilion is not just an ephemeral structure; it is a statement of what can be achieved when imagination and technology come together. At EXarchitects, we are proud to have been part of this unique project and to have collaborated with LUAP and Nagami Design to bring such an extraordinary vision to life. This pavilion is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and the creation of spaces that defy convention and capture the imagination.

Working with professionals who share our passion for innovation and creativity has made the entire process seamless and enriching. Together, we have been able to transform a bold idea into a work of architecture that inspires and surprises those who see it.

If you are in Hamburg, don’t miss the opportunity to visit The Pink Bear Pavilion and experience the magic of this project first hand. At EXarchitects, we will continue to explore new frontiers in design and construction, always taking architecture to new levels.