3D printed models

For the second year, our colleagues have taught the class on 3D printed models. This class is part of the Master in Advanced Manufacturing (MIFA) of EDDM. Nuestro equipo repasó la situación de la digitalización en el mundo de la arquitectura. Sector en el que considera que estas nuevas tecnologías “facilitan el camino hacia la construcción de geometrías más complejas en el diseño de espacios y productos”. Además explicó que la impresión 3D en la arquitectura e ingeniería requiere todavía de un largo “proceso de especialización y recualificación.”

For the second year, our colleagues from EXarchitects, Roque Peña Pidal and Eduardo González Requeijo, have taught the class on 3D Printed Models. This class is developed within the Master in Advanced Manufacturing (MIFA) of EDDM.

Our team reviewed the situation of digitalization in the world of architecture. A sector in which he considers that these new technologies “facilitate the path towards the construction of more complex geometries in the design of spaces and products.” He also explained that 3D printing in architecture and engineering still requires a long “process of specialization and requalification.”

For the second consecutive year, we have had the opportunity to share our professional experience with the students of the Master in Advanced Manufacturing. Our team has been very happy with the participation of the students.

During our class we exposed some of the concepts that we value when planning the realization of models. A model requires a manufacturing plan depending on what it is needed for. Some of these concepts to take into account are time, budget, the final recipient of the model, etc.

We also told the MIFA students, in detail, about the case of the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic model. The most interesting thing about this project is that it allows us to talk about 3D printing for models in conjunction with two of the main digital manufacturing techniques, such as laser cutting and CNC machining.

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