Jornada ONEBIM con BIMEuskadi y Eraikune.

ONEBIM Conference

Our colleagues Jose Francisco Salinas and Eduardo Gonzalez Requeijo participated in the online conference ONEBIM: The BIM advance in the Construction Industry sector. The conference was organized by Eraikune, BIM Euskadi and Eusko Jaurlaritza – Basque Government last October 29th.

Our team spoke at the ONEBIM conference about two projects. Firstly about the research carried out on R & D with robot arms, to apply later to the construction. In addition also spoke about the project of El Bulli by Enric Ruiz-Geli for Ferran Adrià. In the project of El Bulli, EXarchitects made the parameterization of the structure, optimization of the material and manufacture of the ribs for subsequent fibration.

Different architects, engineers and professionals from the construction sector took part in the conference to give their current and future vision:

  • Jon Ansoleaga Ugarte. Director of Eraikune, Construction Cluster of the Basque Country.
  • Óscar Iñiguez Heras. Technical Director of Eraikune, Construction Cluster.
  • Alejandro Ruiz Lara. Software Engineer, Project Manager and CEO of Checktobuild.
  • Carlos Orbea Ascaso. Head of Innovation, Projects and Rehabilitation, Alokabide.
  • Jose Francisco Salinas Osorio. Architect and Telecommunications Engineer. CEO of EXarchitects.
  • Eduardo González Requeijo. Architect. Communication and BIM manager at EXarchitects.

Thank you very much to the organization for counting on EXarchitects to participate, and allowing us to give our point of view, as well as to share our professional experience.