Mariana Piñar and Kelly Begiazi in iAtelier

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Mariana Piñar and Kelly Begiazi in iAtelier

Mariana Piñar (@marianapinar) and Kelly Begiazi (@kelly_begiazi) have been working these months in iAtelier, within the Crafting Europe project. Mariana and Kelly’s Digital Threads project is inspired by the loom as a creative tool. It combines their knowledge of wood, 3D design, textile crafting skills, and new digital fabrication techniques.

Mariana and Kelly had in mind from the very beginning what their final object was going to be and they have tried different ways to reach it through wood and textile fibers.

For their project they have explored the wood bending technique known as kerfing, using laser cutting and CNC to test the different patterns and their elasticity. To shape the two chair prototypes they have made, they have used rope braiding.


We share with you some images of Mariana Piñar and Kelly Begiazi’s work at iAtelier, in the Production Residency.

Many thanks to Mariana and Kelly for your participation.

It has been a pleasure for EXarchitects and Fábrica de Fabricantes to work with you.