II iAtelier Residency_ Production

iAtelier para Fundesarte y Crafting Europe de Fábrica de Fabricantes y EXarchitects

II iAtelier Residency_ Production

After many months of work and online tutorials, it was finally time to meet again all the members of iAtelier in the II Residence to make the production. It took place on March 10th, 11th, 12th, 24th, 25th and 26th in Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid. As it happened in the I Experimentation Residence, it was organized by the teams of EXarchitects and Fábrica de Fabricantes for Fundesarte and EOI within the Crafting Eurupe project.


The EXarchitects and Fábrica de Fabricantes team would like to highlight the importance of multidisciplinary projects. Projects where different profiles work and enrich each other with their knowledge. Thanks to all the participants.

The projects carried out in iAtelier were:

    • Yolanda Sanchez has designed new architectural scale tools for the realization of felt forming. In her project she has used 3D modeling and 3D printing of FDM with flexible filament to design and manufacture a new tool to facilitate her manual work with felt. More images of his project here.
    • Mariana Piñar and Kelly Begiazi used CNC to design and manufacture their furniture pieces, based on the wood bending technique known as Kerfing and the weaving of textile fibers.  More images of their project here.
    • Antonio Domínguez, Marina Valls and Tiziana Chiara experimented with ceramics and glass from their professional workshops and have combined it with 3D printing in PLA and ceramics to obtain a product inspired by the Cerámica de Manises. More images of their project here.
    • María Camba designed different types of connectors using 3D printing and CNC for an installation formed by deltahedrons combining different materials. More images of her project here.
    • Rosa Navarro and Marta Alaminos (Marcha Team) worked on a smaller scale on a jewelry collection with 3D design, 3D printing and electrolytic processes called Parenchyma!
      More images of his project here.