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María Camba in iAtelier

María Camba (@masquepinatas) has been working these months in iAtelier, within the Crafting Europe project, she designed different types of connectors using 3D printing and CNC for an installation formed by deltahedrons that combine different materials. The project proposes two systems to build a large lamp, based on deltahedrons that play with different combinations and scales.

Maria's work makes us enjoy the platonic geometries, creating a universe in which the complex becomes something close, beautiful and fun.

Different types of connectors have been designed making use of flexible filament 3D printing to shape the combination of smaller scale deltahedrons and rigid glass rods. Also CNC for an installation formed by larger scale deltahedra with cardboard tubes.


We share with you some images of María Camba’s work at iAtelier, in the Production Residency.Residencia de Producción.

Thank you very much Maria for your participation.

It has been a pleasure for EXarchitects and Fábrica de Fabricantes to work with you.