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Entrevista a Roque Peña de EXarchitects para 3Dnatives sobre impresion 3D

3Dnatives Interview

This July, we have been interviewed by the digital magazine 3Dnatives, specialized in 3D printing. Our CEO Roque Peña, was in charge of answering their questions and interests about us. One of the main projects that caught their attention about us, was our project EXfood 3D printing food and industrial robotics. Also the project of the model of the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic bid, where the main digital manufacturing techniques converge: 3D printing, CNC cutting and laser cutting.

From the self-taught approach to programming and the discovery of the RepRap project of self-replicating 3d printers I was able to build my first machine. It was a Prusa Mendel iteration.

Some of the questions we were asked were about Roque’s beginnings in the printing world, as well as the birth of EXarchitects.

We share below the link to the interview in 3Dnatives, so you can read it here.