María Camba_ Mas que piñatas_ iAtelier_ EXarchitects

María Camba in iAtelier

María Camba at iAtelier has been working these months within the Crafting Europe project, where she has designed different types of...

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Yolanda Sánchez in iAtelier

Yolanda Sanchez (@sedaencolor_) has been working these months in iAtelier, within the Crafting Europe project, prototyping flexible molds for the realization...

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Taller impresión 3D avanzada impartido por EXarchitects en Eraikune

Advanced 3D Printing Workshop

Last Friday, November 27th, our EXarchitects colleague, Eduardo González, and our FABdeFAB collaborator, Jose Real, gave a workshop on Advanced 3D...

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Jornada ONEBIM con BIMEuskadi y Eraikune.

ONEBIM Conference

Our colleagues Jose Francisco Salinas and Eduardo Gonzalez Requeijo participated in the online conference "ONEBIM: The BIM advance in the Construction...

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Clase de impresión 3D para maquetas en el máster de fabricación avanzada (MIFA) de EDDM impartida por EXarchitects y Roque Peña

3D printed models

For the second year, our colleagues have taught the class on 3D printed models. This class is part of the Master...

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Acreditaciones fabricadas por corte láser por EXarchitects para Open House Madrid 2018

Open House Madrid 2018

During the last weekend of September 2018 took place the 4th edition of the Architecture and City Festival Open House Madrid,...

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Entrevista a Roque Peña de EXarchitects para 3Dnatives sobre impresion 3D

3Dnatives Interview

This July, we have been interviewed by the digital magazine 3Dnatives, specialized in 3D printing. Our CEO Roque Peña, was in...

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