Virtual Reality Weapons

Design of Virtual Reality Weapons for Virtual Revolution adapted to the new Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses model. Designed and manufactured in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón, it is one of the projects our design team has enjoyed the most.



In the image gallery you can see the evolution of the prototype in its different states and materials summarized in 3 images (there were a few more). Their evolution was based on testing their ergonomics on each user, as well as the correct controller insert and the manufacturing technique to be used. In the prototyping phase, the main digital manufacturing techniques have been used. Laser cutting, CNC machining with wood that would allow us speed and 3D printing in various materials and finishes.

The final design is made of foamed PVC and 3D printed parts in ABS for the handle where the controller of the Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses is placed.

We have already played with the Virtual Reality weapons in the different game modes they have and we had a great time! You can play in different cities like Madrid, Las Palmas or Cáceres.

We show you images of the design process and the different prototypes until we reached the final version to play:

Images provided by Virtual Revolution of players using this design:

Project data

Project title: Virtual Reality Weapons
Client: Virtual Revolution
Design: EXarchitects
Fabrication: EXarchitects
Techniques: CNC Machining + 3D FFF Printing

These ”weapons” have been designed and manufactured as toys for a virtual experience, in no case do they have the capacity to carry out live fire.


20 July, 2021


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