II City Awards_ Open House Madrid 2020

The ”II City Awards” organized by Open House Madrid in its special edition of 2020, the EXarchitects team designed and manufactured in its fablab, the trophies to be awarded in each of the 5 categories. The awards ceremony took place at the end of the 6th Congress organized by Open House Madrid ”Green in the city” (link to the video of the congress).


For its design, it was proposed to make a piece that would honor the 6 editions of the festival to date and that would also turn out to be an attractive piece for the winners to show off in their professional or personal space.

The design consists of a 60mm thick birch plywood cube on which you can read Open House Madrid, which was engraved using a milling machine or CNC to give it depth. Likewise, and also by means of CNC machining, the deepest hole and the through-hole of the Open House Madrid logo were made, where the geometry was fitted, but on leaving the main volume, in polished aluminum.

The lower part of the trophy has laser engraving, six representative buildings of Madrid. In addition, these buildings are also representative of each of the six architects to whom the festival has been dedicated in its different editions:

  • Caixa Forum, work of Herzog & de Meuron. (2015 Edition)
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes, by Antonio Palacios. (2016 Edition)
  • Castellana 81 – BBVA Tower, work of Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza. (2017 Edition)
  • Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain (Crown of Thorns), by Fernando Higueras and Antonio Miró. (2018 Edition)
  • Laboratories Jorba (La Pagoda), by Miguel Fisac. (2019 Edition)
  • Colegio Mayor César Carlos, by Alejandro de la Sota. (2020 Edition)

Finally, also laser engraved, the name of the prizes, the category and the name of the winners.

We share images of the 2020 award, in wood, along with the 2019 methacrylate award:

We show you images of the manufacturing process:

Project data

Project title: II City Awards_ Open House Madrid 2020
Collaborator: Open House Madrid
Design: EXarchitects
Fabrication: EXarchitects
Techniques: CNC Machining + Laser Cutting and Engraving

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30 September, 2020


De Producto, Diseño Paramétrico