Parametric table

At EXarchitects we developed along with OAK Ebanistas for Marta Banús and her architecture and design studio a parametric table / planter for a luxury apartment in Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid. First, starting from an idea of the architect and designer of the project, and commissioned by our collaborators OAK Ebanistas, we developed and built a 3D model optimizing materials, weight and construction method. We also produced the pieces in our digital fabrication laboratory and using our CNC milling machine, as well as templates by laser cutting and we made all the necessary plans for the correct assembly. We have also supervised the process at our client’s facilities.


Thanks to this synergy: Designer / EXarchitects / OAK Ebanistas. An idea is translated and embodied in a plant and a section on a plan, in a truly unique work with spectacular finishes.

We show you images of how this parametric furniture has been installed in its final place:

Images of the manufacturing process in the workshop:

General data of this parametric table:

Client: Marta Banús
Final Images: Banús Arquitectura
Engineering and internal structure design: EXarchitects
Fabrication: EXarchitects
Lacquering and assembly: OAK Ebanistas
Material: MDF + phenolic birch plywood
Finish: Microcement (Interlac)
Location: House in Paseo de la Castellana