Masks and coronavirus face shields

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Caretas y salvaorejas para el equipo Anti Covid

Masks and coronavirus face shields

Since March, the whole of society has been brutally hit by the Coronoravirus health crisis. The change in all habits and customs has been evident in the daily life of citizens and companies. During the first wave, our fablab team joined other companies such as FAB de FAB, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Mapfre or Correos Express among many others in the Anticovid Team. This team dedicated human and economic resources through altruistic donations from companies and individuals. These resources were used to manufacture and distribute as many protective masks and ear defenders against the coronavirus as possible to the various health centers that requested them.

On the website of the Anticovid team, we can see the production figures, more than 30,000 screens or protective visors made by 3D printing and laser cutting. More than 12,000 ear defenders, masks, valves and connectors to adapt the diving masks to rebreathers were also made.

From EXarchitects, we want to share with you the laser cutting and 3D printing files that we use to do our bit. These days our ears are going to suffer especially the rubber bands of the masks that are essential to fight the pandemic.

    • Laser-cut ear protector: Download here the DXF file. Our recommendation is to make it in PETG, between 0.75 and 1.5mm thick, transparent. It can also be washed in an industrial dishwasher or disinfected with traditional means. You will notice that we made them personalized with engravings of phrases that encouraged the essential personnel who worked on the front line. You can customize them to make this situation more bearable for you.


  • 3D Print Ear Protectors: Download here the STL file. You can notice that we have them customized with phrases or words, you can do the same.



  • Laser cut masks: Download here the DXF and STL file. Our recommendation is to use 3 to 6 mm thick methacrylate.


Warning: these files for making coronavirus masks and ear protectors were not used for commercial use and should not be used for that purpose.