EXhanger parametric coat rack

EXhanger is the parametric coat rack designed by EXarchitects, which allows it to be adapted to users and their environment.


A system is proposed that, through a series of inputs and axioms , can generate a line of elements that adapt to different spaces and situations:

  • Problem to be solved: Need to hang garments on a design support.
  • Inputs: Measurements of the space to colonize. Dimensions of the garments to hang. Users. Materials. Generatrix curves.
  • Algorithm: Generation of a continuous and fluid surface that at certain points loses this pattern of continuity, generating a singularity that will be used as an element on which the garments are hung.

This, which a priori may be subjective and which in turn escapes the traditional way of designing, is quite the opposite. Thanks to this sequence of processes, we enter a recursive process through which we can vary the generatrix curves and in real time see the results obtained, and the cutting of material. In this way, the design can be optimized until an adjusted solution is reached. Finally, this form is rationalized for its construction through two-dimensional elements.

The result is a coat rack with a parametric design that can be adapted to the premises that are desired in each case. In this case, an example is shown in height in which 3 levels have been placed depending on the heights of the 3 inhabitants of the house. It has been manufactured in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón.°

We show you photos of EXhanger installed at home:

Project data:

Name: EXhanger parametric coat rack
Designer: EXarchitects
Year: 2014
Measurements: 720 x 160 x 1750mm
Materials: Phenolic birch plywood
Photographs: Alicia Andrés Izquierdo
Manufacture and 3D development: EXarchitects
Assembly: EXarchitects