TopoTable tactile topographies

TopoTable tactile topographies is a parametric table design made by EXarchitects, exhibited at the ”pop-up store” (MEANING) from December 12, 2014 to January 5, 2015, at the Santa Bárbara Palace in Madrid ( C/ Hortaleza 87). In this event EXarchitects also acted as collaborators of the event.



Table designed and manufactured entirely using digital manufacturing techniques by EXarchitects in our FabLab in Villaviciosa de Odón.

TopoTable tactile topographies is conceived from a topographical mass with two differentiated planes, superior and inferior. The legs make up the continuity element of the lower plane, extending as a single piece. Its shape arises from a series of contour lines that make up an element. Subsequently, it is parameterized by means of sections with a variable thickness and depending on the chosen material.

For the construction of said unitary volume, three-dimensional CNC machining of all the pieces is used from sections of 18 and 30 mm. The legs are post-tensioned with steel rods. Finally, the sanding and polishing finishes forming a solid piece.

The finish is that of the wood itself with semi-gloss colorless lacquer, emphasizing the fluid feel of the entire piece. On the upper face, there is a 5mm thick glass.°

TopoTable is a table with parametric design and customizable digital manufacturing, available in different finishes and sizes.°

We show you images of TopoTable in its manufacturing process:

Project data

Name: TopoTable
Designer: EXarchitects
Year: 2014
Measurements: 1350*835*810* mm
Material: Birch plywood + 5 mm Laminated Glass
Photographs: Roque Peña Pidal (EXarchitects)
Manufacture and 3D development: EXarchitects
Assembly and Mounting: EXarchitects + Carlos E. Pacajes
Varnishing: Carlos E Packages + OAK EbanistasCarlos E. Pacajes + OAK ebanistas