Solán de Cabras Headquarters

EXarchitects designs and manufactures three unique pieces of furniture for the Solán de Cabras headquarters, using parametric design and digital manufacturing techniques.



    • In the first place as a central piece, a large modular and versatile meeting table, in which the Cuervo River is the main protagonist. It is made up of 8 modules that can act as independent tables, or together as a large transparent meeting table where the path of the river seems to be suspended, with the characteristic blue color of the Solán de Cabras water bottles. The structure of each module has been made of stainless steel and the board is tempered glass.


    • A wooden beam is also hung on the wall, which serves as an exhibitor to see the historical evolution of the Solán de Cabras bottle over the years. The wood is reminiscent of the forests that surround the spring and whose cracks are filled with a resin of the blue color so characteristic of the Solán de Cabras bottle.


    • Finally, for the bar where tastings of the brand’s products are offered, a parametric bar has been designed. This bar offers dynamism to the space and breaks with sobriety, thanks to its curved design following the undulations reminiscent of the spring. Parameterized with Rhinoceros+GrassHopper, it has been CNC mechanized and made of birch plywood, sanded, and varnished with a colorless solution.

We show you images of the headquarters during the installation of the furniture:

Below we share render and images of work in our facilities:

Project data

Location: Headquarters of Solán de Cabras, Cuenca
Client: Solán de Cabras
Year: 2019
Design: EXarchitects + Ángel Barrón
Manufacture: EXarchitects FabLab 



22 May, 2019


De Interiores, Diseño Paramétrico