Love Me Tender, micro urban garden is an installation designed by Guillermo Trapiello for ”Concentrico 01International Festival of Architecture and Design of Logroño. It has been produced using digital fabrication techniques in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón, using milling and laser cutting.


The square is delimited by the Muralla del Revellín, remains of the fortifications that the city of Logroño had, of which the gate facing west is preserved. The wall and gate that are visible today began to be built in 1522.

Love Me Tender, in addition to being a meeting space in the Plaza del Revellín, aspires to function as an urban micro garden during the festival. Through this intervention, an experiment of appropriation of public space is proposed and the neighbors of the square are invited to participate in the use and care of the more than 150 aromatic plants that will grow inside. We are talking about a literal appropriation: by means of a series of stickers, each caregiver will be able to mark up to five plants and collect them at the end of the intervention.

Project data

Title: LOVE ME TENDER, urban micro garden
Location: Plaza del Revellín, Logroño
Author: Guillermo Trapiello
CNC Milling: EXarchitects
Measurements: 3000mm x 3000mm x 2500mm
Material: 18mm poplar laminate Garnica Poplarply
Assembly: Guillermo Trapiello y Sergio Sanz