Armored truck model

The model of this armored truck has been made for a contest of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Spain. The model was made in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón, by our team of specialists in competition models.


Once the 3D model is received, simplified as a 3D mesh without interior details and divided into 5 pieces. The central body and the 4 wheels separately, is processed in the specific software for this 3D printing technique. The reason why the simplified model was required is that the model did not require moving or internal parts that were visible from the outside.

The 3D printing technique selected for this armored truck mockup was color quartz powder 3D printing. By using this 3D printing technique, we were able to produce the parts in their definitive color, even with the military unit’s shield on the truck’s door.

To protect the model of the armored truck during its exhibition, a wooden base and a methacrylate urn were made. In this way the scale model is protected and perfectly visible to the public to whom it was addressed.


23 August, 2015


De Arquitectura, Maquetas