Parametric office for Tel io

Parametric office for Tel io is a design by EXarchitects and the architect Claudia Lena to give a new modern, welcoming and versatile approach to the Madrid office of the telecommunications company Tel io. To begin with and following the design line of both studies, it has been designed using parametric design tools. It was subsequently manufactured in the EXarchitects fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón.


That is why, in order to cleanse the image and improve the acoustics of the offices, different interventions were carried out based on parametric design and digital manufacturing. In this way, the sobriety of the walls has been broken, covering them with parametric wooden structures that provide dynamism and movement to the space. A series of meeting tables have also been made from the same material to give continuity to the space created from the walls.

The design team proposed mobile furniture such as tables and chairs. On the other hand, fixed furniture was proposed, such as parametric panels, which provide acoustic comfort and a fluid environment through the effect of light on the wooden pieces with sinuous sections.

Materially, OSB wood, a recycled wood board, has been used mainly, which is the common material that unifies the proposal. The details of the logos are methacrylate inlays in the wood.

*A sustainable product. In the manufacture of OSB boards, trees are not felled, but the raw material is obtained from the remains of fine trunks. In addition, it is a 100% recyclable product.

We show you images of the installed project:

Project data

Project: New parametric office for Tel io
Interior Design: EXarchitects + Claudia Lena
Software used: Rhinoceros +GrassHopper
Year: 2016
Parameterization: EXarchitects
Materials: OSB wood (Oriented strand board (OSB), or oriented strand board), glass, methacrylate and steel rods.
Manufacture: EXarchitects
Digital manufacturing technique: CNC milling + Laser cutting and engraving for joining pieces and details.
Assembly: EXarchitects + Carlos E. Pacajes OAK – EbanistasOAK – Ebanistas


22 February, 2017


De Interiores, Diseño Paramétrico