Robotic bar

We present our Robotized Bar design, evolution of our ”Cocktail Robot” through which we reflect on the needs that will be demanded in the field of hospitality in the future from an architectural and design point of view.




Our team of EXarchitects is specialized in the development of hyper-personalization and interaction projects with technology.


First of all, we ask ourselves a series of questions, the answers to which are constantly evolving:
How much space does a human being need behind a bar to unfold comfortably?
How much space does a robot need?
How many cocktails per hour can a human and a robot make?
Is the system safe for users?
Is a cocktail robot, therefore, a substitute for human beings and human relations?
Is it a complement for specific moments?


Therefore, for our reflections on a robotic bar, we relied on simulations and sketches made with Rhinoceros + GrassHopper. Later we have built full-scale models with industrial robots, where we can test and verify our reflections, successful or not.


In addition to holding the shaker at the tip of the robot, we have developed our own tool and manufactured it in our TechLab with digital fabrication tools.


We use ABB Robots arms, for which we have also developed our own software, based on Robots of our partner Vicente Soler, which allows us to get the maximum creative performance.