EXteam is the entire staff of architects, designers, artists, engineers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, blacksmiths, friends, that surround EXarchitects. Captained by ”Sere” and Roque, thanks to this team, EXarchitects has been growing since 2013 to offer the highest quality to our customers.

Our EXteam is characterized by being multidisciplinary and creative people with a passion for digital fabrication and research in the field of architecture, engineering, design and art. Experts in parametric design, experts in 3D printing, experts in robotics, experts in mockups, experts in visualization, experts in CNC machining, experts in BIM, experts in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, experts in teaching and experts in enjoying what we do.

Ángel, María, Rodrigo, Carlos, Peter, Héctor, Sergio, Constanza, Vicente, Alborán, Alicia, Hugo, Javier, Arantxa, Guille, Belén, Jose, Carlota, Rafael, Belino, Isabel, Antonio, Fran y muchos más.