Tornasol Studio Pool Chair

Pool chair by Tornasol Studio, made of lacquered fiberglass and stainless steel in our fablab.


This piece designed by Inés and Guillermo, was part of the exhibition ”Orbitas”. A set of objects and furniture halfway between architectural and product design. Inés Llasera and Guillermo Trapiello, members of Tornasol, explore beyond functionality, variables that are not as evident as the material identity or the symbolic value of things.

More than a group of furniture, Órbitas is an atlas of interests, knowledge, experiments and findings framed in the field of domestic and everyday design.

The Pool Chair Tornasol Studio has been made using a wooden mold machined by CNC. Subsequently, it is fiberglassed and lacquered with its characteristic color.

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The Pool Chair is another of the many projects where EXarchitects, has had the pleasure to collaborate and work with Guillermo and Inés. Visit ”Love me tender” by Tornasol Studio also and manufactured in our digital fabrication workshop in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid).

Project data:

Project title: Pool chair
Client: Tornasol Studio
Fabrication: EXarchitects
Techniques: CNC machining + lacquering
Images: Tornasol Studio

30 October, 2020


Fabricacion Digital, TechLab