Interxion outdoor sign

Our team designs and manufactures the access sign outside the Interxion headquarters in Madrid together with our colleagues from El Otro Plano.


This is a backlit sign made mainly of aluminum. The different finishes of the material have been chosen to give a greater depth to the sign. We can see the treatment of brushed aluminum for the bottom of the sign and polished aluminum for the letters. On the edge of the letters we can see opal methacrylate separating the two aluminum, this is where the sign is backlit. The Interxion outdoor sign has been made in our FabLab in Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid.

We share with you images of the poster installed on the exterior facade of one of Interxion’s headquarters:

Project data:

Project title: Interxion outdoor signage
Client: El Otro Plano for Interxion
Design: EXarchitects
Fabrication: EXarchitects
Techniques: CNC machining + Laser cutting and engraving

30 October, 2020


Fabricacion Digital, TechLab