Virtual reality glasses

The EXarchitects team develops and manufactures virtual reality glasses, E-tron glasses, for Pictures That Move, who have shot the spot for the new Audi E-tron and Holoride.



The different prototypes, as well as the final product, were developed in our Villaviciosa de Odón fablab. As we can see in the images, the process led to the manufacture of full-scale prototypes that responded to the facial geometry of the selected actress’s face. In addition, the actress had her face scanned to adapt it to the maximum.

Once the prototypes have been made using FDM 3D printing and tested, we make the final outer shell using 3D resin printing. The final exterior finish of the E-tron virtual reality glasses has a lacquered finish.

We show you images of the design process, the different prototypes and the final prototype:

We share the advertising spot they were made for:

Project data

Project title: Virtual reality glasses
Client: Pictures That Move for Holoride
Design: EXarchitects
Fabrication: EXarchitects
Techniques: Scanning and 3D printing

22 January, 2019


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