WAVEs Lamp 1.0

 WAVEs Lamp 1.0 creates a dynamic light, as if we were under the surface of the sea. It seems that this movement arises through the complicity of the reflection of light on the translucent element and the movement of the observer. It is a parametric design lamp built with digital manufacturing techniques, in our Villaviciosa de Odón fablab.



To generate the geometry, a parametric process has been followed, as a result of having mixed the concepts of electromagnetic flows and fluids. The lamp with ripples typical of water hangs from a plane in which the ripples arise from the two anchor points.


Starting from the idea of the movements of electromagnetic flows, the best way to generate the geometry was from the physical composition of the movements of harmonic waves. These waves, composed on a plane, generate a three-dimensional surface that causes the sensation of movement when light passes through it.


The two elements are differentiated and can be independent. In this case they are related, depending on the upper plane of the lower.


The upper plane is a 30 mm birch board with three-dimensional milling that reconstructs the effect that two drops would have when falling on a completely calm pond. The waves that they would generate, their propagation through the medium and how they finally converge into one, are calculated and reproduced using parametric design tools.


Likewise, in the lower plane we find a lamp made up of two three-dimensional elements built from 30 mm methacrylate milling. They reflect the effect that occurs on a surface where the foci that generate these waves are multiple. A chaotic movement in appearance, which emphasizes the natural sensation of light.

Below we share images of the lamp installed in the house:


Project data

Name: WAVEs Lamp 1.0
Design: EXarchitects
Year: 2014
Material: Birch plywood + Methacrylate 30mm
Photographs: Alicia Andrés Izquierdo
Manufacture and 3D development: EXarchitects
Electrical system: EXarchitects
Assembly and Installation: EXarchitects


14 May, 2015


De Mobiliario, Diseño Paramétrico