Parametric furniture 24Studio

The parametric piece of furniture for the 24Studio headquarters as a differentiating element for access to its 24StudioLab department, in its former headquarters and training center in Madrid. This project was a collaboration to develop manufacturing together with 24Studio.



EXarchitects carried out the parameterization, optimization and manufacture of the developed furniture, in its fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón.


It is a seat or bench for the waiting room, where brochures can also be deposited and that in the meantime functions as a railing or handrail, while also providing privacy to one of the adjoining rooms. A parametric piece of furniture with which a new way of understanding complex volumes is proposed that, through geometric-mathematical processes, are analyzed and broken down into simpler and easily manipulated elements that allow their subsequent construction through their assembly.

For the design, a 3D scan of the space was made and then the three-dimensional model of the furniture was designed. Finally, once scanned and checked that the shape met the needs by means of 3D scanner, 3D printing mock-ups and laser cutting, it was then parameterized and produced. The latest parametric tools from Rhinoceros+Grasshoper were essential in this process.The resulting OSB ribs were assembled into stakeout combs that were stiffened with steel rods. A simple and effective system for assembling complex parametric furniture.

We show you images of the furniture installed at the headquarters of 24 Studio:

Project data

Project title: Parametric Furniture
Location: 24Studio headquarters. Pozuelo de Zarzón 4, 28005 Madrid (Spain)
Client: 24Studio
Fabrication: EXarchitects
Photography: Fabrizio Efficace


15 May, 2015


De Interiores, Diseño Paramétrico