Xiringoscopio is the second chiringuito of the series that EXarchitects designed in Adra.


In October 2012, after having built the beach bar “La Moraga“, the City Council requested the realization of a new design of Kiosk. The location for the new hospitality space would be the Playa de San Nicolas, a place with stunning views.

The concept is based on the knowledge of the site, understanding of the idiosyncrasy of the area, the functioning of the promenade, and the use that Abderitans make of it. The mouth of the port, the green lighthouse and the red lighthouse are local landmarks in terms of routes and places of enjoyment.

A parametric architecture project is proposed and the construction of a viewpoint element that focuses on the mouth of the port, thus responding to one of the local attractions. At sunset, there are numerous abderitans who go for a walk along the promenade enjoying the drop in temperatures and the departure of fishing boats to fish.


Therefore, the beach bar allows you to enjoy this live scene, accompanied by the local gastronomy.

Below we show images of the beach bar built in Adra:

Project data

Project name: «Xiringoscopio»
Current name: Chiringuito Kairós
Project: EXarchitects
Status: Construction
Year: 2012
Typology: Beach bar – parametric architecture
Location:Adra (Almería)
Structure: Laminated wood
Construction Company: Holtzdesign.es
Fotographs: Miguel de Guzmán. Imagensubliminal.com & Rafael Bonillo