Adidas Robot Portraits

The action Robot Portraits for Adidas is the first creative action that EXarchitects developed using an industrial robot arm. This fact marked a before and after in the development of this type of creative actions for our team.


For the opening event of the Adidas flagship store on Gran Vía in Madrid, our EXrobots team prepared an innovative creative action. In it, the robot arm drew portraits of the guests live from a photograph taken on site. As in all our projects, this is a creative application of ad hoc design, where we seek the fusion between engineering and art.

At EXarchitects we program the robot arm, design the tools and manufacture them in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón. This allows us total control of the action and hyper customization of the event for our clients to make a difference with their guests.

As it is a custom software developed to perform the different tasks with the robot arm, we can adjust the resolution and times depending on the needs of the event, achieving a greater experience for visitors. During the Robot Portraits event at the inauguration of the Adidas store, our robot arm took portraits of elite athletes such as Koke, Ana Peleteiro, Lucas Vazquez or actresses such as María Castro.


9 May, 2016


Brazo Robótico Industrial, TechLab