Beach bar La Moraga

The Chiringuito La Moraga is a parametric architecture project built in 2012, after EXarchitects won the ideas competition proposed by the City Council of Adra together with the developer Josue Rodriguez.


It is a unique construction, based on computational design thanks to digital tools such as Rhinoceros + Grasshopper. The strategy used is based on modular architecture, using wood as the predominant material: waterproof OSB + pine wood strips.


The beach bar La Moraga project is based on the construction of a plane perpendicular to the average solar vector, mainly during the summer months and the hours of the greatest influx of customers. With this fundamental premise and, combining other subjective (aesthetic or project) and objective (construction and budget), the optimized geometry is generated.


100% parametric project, where design tools, as well as digital fabrication tools, were present throughout the process, from the project concept or previous idea to its construction. The parametric tools were used to optimize costs, geometries, design and manufacturing processes, but in this case above others, to improve the climatic conditions or user comfort in their daily use.

Here are some images of the beach bar built in Adra:


Project data

Project name: Beach bar «La Moraga»
Project: EXarchitects. 1st Prize ideas competition
Status: Costructed
Year: 2012
Typology: Beach bar – Parametric architecture
Location:Adra (Almería)
Structure: Laminated wood
Construction company:
Fotography: Miguel de Guzmán. & Rafael Bonillo

Below is a video showing how the different parameters have been taken into account.