Moon Beach Chill Out

Moon Beach chill out, is the expansion project of the beach bar “La Moraga”, on the promenade of Adra. It is part of the set of ”kiosks” or beach bars designed by EXarchitects for different locations in the town. All of them follow a uniform but not formal material aesthetics.


The project consists of the construction of an independent structure to expand the facilities of the first of the beach bars. This extension has been designed in a modular way to allow the possibility of another extension in the future, keeping the design constant and allowing the integration with the original design. Built during the summer of 2013, it is made of phenolic board and pinewood beams and joists, maintaining the material identity of the rest of the kiosks in the locality.

Like the original structure of the beach bar, the extension project is 100% parametric. Where design and digital fabrication tools were present throughout the whole process. With all this, we have relied on digital fabrication tools and processes to optimize costs, geometries and manufacturing processes in order to produce the right amount of material.

We show you in pictures the already built Moon Beach Chill Out:

Below we show planimetry and drawings of the design phase:


Project data

Project name: Moon Beach chill out, expansion of the beach bar «La Moraga»
Project: EXarchitects
Status: Constructed
Year: 2013
Typology: Beach bar – parametric architecture.
Location: Adra (Almería)
Structure: Laminated wood


7 May, 2013


Arquitectura, Paramétrica