Cocktail Robot

We have always seen robots in the automotive industry, welding parts, painting, but… have you ever imagined how many things we can do with them in other fields? For this reason, the EXarchitects team has developed a creative action that consists of a Cocktail Robot.


At EXarchitects we are specialists in the development of hyper-personalization and interaction projects, called creative actions. During the Pernord Ricard Innovation Days we were making cocktails with our robot IRB120 ABB, we see that it is surrounded by everything necessary to make from a Daiquiri to a Whiskey Sour, through Piña colada. As a result, this is a completely autonomous robot, serving itself the amount of ice, drink and shaken necessary to serve it in the glass.

For this Cocktail Robot project we have made from the digital recipes of the cocktails, from the design and manufacture of all the elements that make up the scenography in our fablab in Madrid:

  • Bar cabinet
  • Shaker
  • Fruit dispensers
  • Rest of mechanisms.

The program used to make the cocktails is self-developed, using Robots software from our colleague Vicente Soler.

Finally, we share with you a video summary of the conference held at the Pernord Ricard headquarters in Madrid.


18 November, 2017


Brazo Robótico Industrial, TechLab