Parametric lost formwork, El Bulli

The parametric lost formwork of El Bulli is one of the most complex projects in which we have participated from EXarchitects. In 2017 we collaborated with the company ”RB Composites” in the realization of the lost formwork for the construction of ”El Bulli Foundationby Enric Ruiz-Geli for Ferran Adrià.


The complex geometry and its dimensions meant that the construction of the space following traditional methods, meant a very high cost compared to the implementation of digital fabrication techniques. Therefore we made the parameterization of the geometry for its manufacture by means of modules built with 18 mm MDF wood and fiberglass as lost formwork. Once these structures were created, they were joined together, as if they were lego pieces. Likewise, once the whole structure was joined together, concrete was cast over the structure.

For the manufacture of the wooden ribs that make up the different parts, they were designed in parametric design software such as Rhinoceros + Grasshopper. Then they were manufactured in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón with CNC machining.
We show you images of the manufacturing process in the factory and on site:

Project data

Architectural Studio: Enric Ruiz-Geli
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Project: Parametric lost formwork, El Bulli
Year: 2016
Formwork materials: DM 19 mm + fiberglass
Cover photo: Daily newspaper ”El País”
Structure parameterization: EXarchitects
Formwork structure manufacturing: EXarchitects
Structure fiber: RB Composites
Manufacturing technology: Milling CNC

A continuación os mostramos un vídeo del proceso de fabricación de las costillas que conforman los gajos:


19 July, 2017


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