House model in Cádiz

Model for a house in Cádiz, was made by our model team for the architectural firm Vicens + Ramos and their clients. This model has a clear intention to show the formal and volume aspects for the final users of the house.


The model is made from the planimetry provided by the studio and using the digital fabrication techniques available in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón.

Being a model that required such thin thicknesses and delicate details, we opted for resin 3D printing. However, in order to achieve a single-piece finish, the model underwent a post-processing process. First, a fine sanding of the entire surface was performed. Secondly, a white base primer was given for a second sanding and leave the surface completely smooth. Finally, it was painted in white and a matte varnish was applied. In addition to various details made in colorless methacrylate 3 mm thick laser cut for enclosures and various details.

Click here if you want more information about this project of the scale model of the house in Cadiz, on the studio’s website.