The Mundo 15

The Mundo 15 is a multi-family building in Pago del Lugar (Adra – Almería) designed by EXarchitects + G.C. 1492 S.L. The building has 13 apartments, commercial premises and a basement with garages in an area very close to the San Nicolás beach.


Based on the urban development of this PAU and taking all the premises set by the developer, the building consists of a floor type that is repeated 4 times consisting of: 2-bedroom apartment + 3-bedroom apartment + 4-bedroom apartment. In addition, on the top floor a penthouse apartment is designed for its future owner.

The refinements with which the facade is designed are predefined as simple but also elegant and durable elements taking into account the local conditions of sun + wind + salty sea environment. The facade is composed of black klinker brick panels from La Covadonga + white composite panels + aluminum carpentry from the brand Alugom.

Below we show renders and planimetry with which our team is working:

Important warning: These plans are not valid for final purchase or sale. They are subject to changes in the execution project.

Project data

Project name: The Mundo 15
Project: EXarchitects + G.C. 1492 S.L.
Status: In progress
Year: 2021
Typology: Multi-family Residential Building
Location: Pago del Lugar, Adra (Almería)
Infographics: EXarchitects