Haitzuloa Model

The Haitzuloa Model is part of the final project of our colleague and friend Nacho, with whom we had been wanting to collaborate for some time.


For the realization of the model we sought to create a piece that, like the project, would not leave the members of the tribunal and those attending the presentation indifferent. It is a conceptual model of volumetry, differentiated by two pieces with different materiality.

One piece has been manufactured with translucent methacrylate ice 50mm thick and double-sided CNC machining. It also required polishing post-processing that represents the volume built in his project. Likewise, the second part was made with CNC milling in phenolic birch plywood 50 mm thick. This second part represents the topography on which the project is installed. The birch phenolic plywood, as we can see in the images, by its composition shows us in a natural way the contour lines, giving a great expressiveness to the piece. Both elements are natural, simply treated a posteriori polishing the pieces with sandpaper of different weights.

The model was made with the digital fabrication tools available in the fablab of our architecture studio in Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid.

Model data

Name: Haitzuloa Model, Architecture final project
Architect: Ignacio Álvarez García
Date: January 2015
Measures: 100 mm x 300 mm x 85 mm
Materials: Birch phenolic plywood + Ice translucent methacrylate.Fotografías: Alberto Monteagudo
3D manufacturing and development: EXarchitects
Assembly and finishing: EXarchitects