WAVEs Table Lamps

WAVEs Table Lamps, exhibited at the pop-up store (MEANING) from December 12, 2014 to January 5, 2015, at the Palacio de Santa Bárbara in Madrid (C/ Hortaleza 87) with EXarchitects as collaborators of the event.


WAVEs Table Lamps are designed and manufactured entirely using digital manufacturing techniques in our fablab in Villaviciosa de Odón.

Its design and name, WAVEs, responds to its shape and project idea seeking a dynamic element, starting from the idea of the movements of electromagnetic flows, specifically, the physical composition of the movements of harmonic waves. Said waves arranged on a plane, generate a three-dimensional surface that, with the passage of light, recreates the desired sensation of movement.


  • Continuum in which a fluid surface is formed.
  • Another pixel type, emulating the digitization processes of analog signals.


The frame is made of clear lacquered birch wood and the light comes through 30mm methacrylate pieces with three-dimensional milling. During the design and production process of the lamp, the latest digital manufacturing technologies have been used: 3D printing for the internal assembly parts, laser cutting for the diffusers and CNC cutting and milling for the chassis and main parts.

For its construction, the desired type of finish can be chosen, both from the two types of existing structures and from the methacrylate pieces, both of which can be the same or one can be made from both formats. As for lighting, you can choose whether you want a type of white, warm or variable color light.

We show you images of the lamps in the exhibition:

The exhibited pieces are prototypes, therefore in the final version, the transformer will be inside a wooden box with the same finish as the structure of the piece and cable in a brown fabric finish.

Project data

Name: WAVEs type Table Lamp
Design: EXarchitects
Year: 2014
Measurements:150 x 96 x 336 mm
Material: Birch plywood + 30 mm methacrylate
Photographs: EXarchitects
Manufacture and 3D development: EXarchitects
Electrical system: EXarchitects
Assembly and mounting: EXarchitects + Carlos E. Pacajes
Varnishing: Carlos E. Pacajes – OAK EbanistasOAK Ebanistas


19 November, 2014


De Mobiliario, Diseño Paramétrico