3D Milling – Signage «ED. Montecristo»

The owner of the Montecristo building wanted to install a sign with a name that was different from the rest. For that reason, it was decided to make a 3D milling in birchwood with outdoor treatment.


For the design, the text was parameterized and pixelated using parametric design tools such as Rhinoceros+Grasshopper. The design was adapted to the size of the milling cutter for CNC machining. As well as three-dimensional modeling with a ramdomizing of heights, to enhance the texts and manufactured using digital manufacturing techniques in our fablab of Villaviciosa de Odon.

Our design and digital fabrication team offers the possibility to design any type of customized sign, with any typography, thickness and variable wood type, for 3D milling.

The Montecristo Building sign, therefore, is the first of a series of corporate signs that have been developed by EXarchitects over the years. Therefore the material experimentation and the various digital manufacturing techniques have led to having a wide range of materials available depending on the needs of our customers. From laser or CNC cut methacrylate, to backlit, or even combining wood with methacrylate are some of the examples.

We share with you images of the milled and varnished poster:

Project data

Name: 3D Milling – Signage «ED. Montecristo»
Design: EXarchitects
Year: 2014
Measurements: 2000 x 500 x 40  mm
Materials: Phenolic birch plywood treated with semi-gloss clear primer
Photography: EXarchitects
3D manufacturing and development: EXarchitects


23 October, 2014


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