Roque Peña

Roque Peña (linkedin) born in Madrid, is an Architect by the ESAyA (AID) of the European University of Madrid. He is undoubtedly one of the most experienced experts in theoretical architecture projects, parametric design, digital fabrication and ”creative actions” with robots, combining design and technology. Roque Peña is together with Jose Francisco Salinas, founding partner of EXarchitects, since 2013.

In 2012 he founded Waspmod, a research project and blog about 3d printing in architecture, design, and art. Through the Waspmod project, he collaborated with Ali&Cía in food-art projects such as At last, chocolate printing photographs! among many more delicious projects.

Roque has taught parametric design applied to architecture, digital fabrication and 3d printing, rhinoceros, grasshopper, among others. Since he began his career he has worked closely with various universities such as the European University or IED Madrid. In recent years he has specialized in the realization of artistic applications with industrial robots, as a member of our team EX_Robots.

As a member of EXarchitects, he has participated in several international projects, such as the LA28 Los Angeles Olympic Bid presentation models, installed in Rio de Janeiro, Laussane and Los Angeles.


  • 2013- Present: EXarchitects, cofounder.
  • 2019- Present: The Artefact Project, cofounder.
  • 2012- 2013: Ali&Cía, Food Art and edible 3d printing.
  • 2008- 2009: AMID cero9, Collaborator, architecture.
  • 2007- 2007: AUIA, Collaborator, urban planning.



  • 2020- Present: IED Madrid, Professor, fashion design degree.
  • 2020- Present: EOI – Fundesarte. Professor iAtelier, innovation and technology workshop.
  • 2019- Present: EDDM. Master of Advanced Manufacturing.
  • 2015- 2019: UE Madrid, Professor, workshop.
  • 2016- 2017: UE Madrid, Professor, master’s degree in design and digital fabrication MDFD.
  • 2015- 2016: Metropa.



  • 2020: Hands Thinking, European University Madrid.
  • 2018: eTOPÍA Zaragoza ESDA, In nova.
  • 2018: Hands Thinking, European University Madrid.
  • 2016: DTF. Google Campus
  • 2015: Hackaton ”All Inclusive” Telefónica, Madrid, Barcelona and Granada.
  • 2015: Hands Thinking, European University Madrid.
  • 2014: e-Tron. Audi
  • 2014: Zinc Shower, Matadero Madrid.
  • 2014: METU Ankara, Unbuilt Visions.
  • 2013: Madrid ¿Im? Posible, 3d printed model.
  • 2011: DAI- SAI Istria, Pula Golfski Club.
  • 2011: Material Galeria, Radiolaria Icosahedra.



  • 2014: In transit V, 10577 Rays in Helsinki. ISBN: 978-84-7207-220-6.
  • 2014: d3space, 10577 Rays in Helsinki.
  • 2013: Panorama13, 10577 Rays in Helsinki.



  • 2018: COAM, Memoria, first prize Placas COAM, with Claudia González López.
  • 2013: Unbuilt Visions, 10577 Rays in Helsinki, better urban intervention.
  • 2013: Philips Lumec, 10577 Rays in Helsinki,third prize CLU Foundation.



19 September, 2019


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